Introducing ProxyPics Direct

With everyone exercising caution in the wake of COVID-19 spreading across the globe, ProxyPics, Inc’s ProxyPics Direct is the risk-controlled solution lenders need to adapt to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s new appraisal flexibilities.  


“The recent announcement by the GSE’s supporting appraisal alternatives is perfect timing for leveraging the proxy pics platform. Virus concerns from human contact risk are completely resolved through this capability and could have an enormous impact in resolving the personal risk of appraisals while insuring accurate and compliant photos to accompany the appraisal”

David Stevens CMB CEO, Mountain Lake Consulting, Inc


With ProxyPics Direct, lenders can direct the image-taking order for a property to the homeowner to safely and securely take and transmit interior photos via ProxyPics’ patented process.  ProxyPics geolocates, geofences and time stamps the images taken, providing lenders and investors with confidence that the photos are current and of the subject property.  


“ProxyPics is the most secure and risk-intelligent way to implement the GSE’s COVID-19-responsive appraisal alternative flexibility.  It maintains social distancing requirements, keeps lender and investor pipelines flowing and its patented technology that geolocates, geofences and time stamps each image provides a powerful fraud deterrent.” 

Steve Wojnar, CMB, CMT

Principal, Battalion Group LLC


To learn more about how ProxyPics can instantly adapt your processes to meet new industry appraisal guidelines in the most risk-intelligent and cost-effective way, contact Luke Tomaszewski, CEO.