World of Photos Delivered On Demand.

ProxyPics is the first-of-its kind on-demand system for getting the location-specific media you need from wherever you are.

Request photos, save time Take photos, make money

Nothing Is Too Far

Our simple-to-use platform creates an online marketplace, matching users needing geographic-based content with users near to the location ready to take your photo. Never before has it been quicker, cheaper, or simpler to get timely images and video from anywhere around the world.

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Anyone can become a
ProxyPics photo taker!

The more photos you snap, the more you make!

ProxyPics will notify you when photo assignments are available near your current location. Accept any nearby jobs, take the pic, submit, and get paid! Work whenever it’s convenient for you, wherever you are.

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Get more out of your day, let the photos come to you!

Request a photo of whatever you need.

Enter an address, a few details about the job, and submit. Your order is instantly posted to users at the location. Within minutes, you’ll receive a photo taken just for you. Pay the low one-time fee and save the photo to your camera roll.

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How It Works


Post a Request.

Input the address and a few details about the content needed.


Get Matched.

A photographer accepts the request and has 30 minutes to complete it.


Get Your Photos

You accept your photos and payment is processed securely all through the app.

Download the app to get started:

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