Anyone can request a photo

Request a photo of wherever you need.

Enter an address, a few details about the job, and submit. Your order is instantly posted to users at the location. Within minutes, you’ll receive a photo taken just for you. Pay the low one-time fee and save the photo to your camera roll.

It’s hassle free
Signing up takes a matter of minutes. Do it all within the secure and responsive app.

It’s fast
As soon as you request a photo, it’s instantly broadcast to all nearby users.

It’s predictable
All photos taken are time sensitive, and must come from the taker’s camera app, not their library. This guarantees up-to-date photos.

It’s smart
ProxyPics leverages patented technologies, to ensure accurate job placement. You won’t have to worry about getting the perfect photo.

It’s affordable
Side photo? From across the street? Whatever you need, you can enter the specifics in the requested job. Get the photo you need, the way you want it.

It’s reliable
Photos are of the subject you want, the way you want it. If there’s an issue, we’re here to make things right.

What can you use ProxyPics for?

Real Estate
Show properties for sale or rent.

Lenders & Value Assessors
Verify the current state of a property.

News & Broadcast Media
Get video for breaking news or images to accompany features.

Researchers & Teachers
Get instant representations from anywhere in the world.

Dispute Resolution
Provide accurate and timely depictions of current conditions.

Contractors & Subcontractors
Certify task completion.

Download the app to get started:

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Requesting a Photo