ProxyPics Listed as a Tech Company Revolutionizing Mortgage Lending

June 26, 2018 ProxyPics has been creating a buzz in the real estate community. It is no secret that real estate has been late to the game regarding technology. ProxyPics is here to bring new technology into the business that can alter it forever.

Waiting for a picture has held up hundreds, if not thousands of appraisals and closings throughout time. A single picture has the power to decide when a new homeowner can finally get the keys for a house they have worked so hard for. This is an issue that can easily be avoided in the future with ProxyPics. We can now tie a person near the location to deliver a photo that is needed. No longer will someone have to go drive miles out of their way to take a photo. 

There is a potential to change the whole market with the technology ProxyPics has created. Read a little more about ProxyPics on HousingWire and why it was chosen as one of the tech companies revolutionizing mortgage lending.