Order Online

ProxyPics is excited to launch our Web Portal! Ordering a photo has never been easier. Follow the steps below to place an order using the web portal with the same awesome features as the app.

Using the same login credentials as the app CLICK HERE to start a new photo request. 

Login using the same credentials as the app

Click ‘Client Dashboard’

Click ‘New Request’

Type in property address

Create a title for your photo

Type in a description with as much detail as possible (the more details the better!) And click ‘Add Photo’

Add or delete as many photo requests as you wish

Create a Loan Number for internal control

Boost price of photo by increments of $5 to make your requests a little more enticing to photo takers

Choose an expiration date. If there is no rush, extend time four up to 4 days! 

Confirm address and cost and click ‘Create Request’

Congratulations! You have now created an assignment using the Web Portal!