Introducing Enterprise Jobs

September 19, 2018 ProxyPics is announcing the launch of Enterprise jobs coming October 1st, 2018.  ProxyPics will be on boarding a new client, this fall. Through Enterprise jobs, users will have the opportunity to make more money, as these jobs require more photos. 

Together our clients are estimating to have at least 10,000 jobs available for ProxyPics all across the country. With more money comes more responsibilities, there are certain requirements that must be met to successfully complete an Enterprise job. Follow the link to view the full requirements. It is exciting for ProxyPics to be able to share the new with all of our users, and future users as we know this will make a huge impact in the real-estate industry. Our goal has and will always be to deliver on demand photos as quickly as possible. With the help of all our users we have been able to make realtors, appraisers, insurance agents, etc very happy. We hope to continue to grow and share this technology with even more industries. We know our technology has the potential to completely alter these industries as we currently know them. 

ProxyPics started as an idea and is now put into motion. We are on our way to disrupting industries as we know it and creating more efficient lives all across the country. With our new clients we will be able to spread jobs and create more opportunities for people to join the gig-economy. We give people the ability to make money on their own time, with our location services we are able to let the user know when there is an assignment available near them. Only a few minutes are needed to complete assignments and start earning money. 


What exactly is an enterprise job? We are very proud that we are on boarding major clients that will place orders more frequently. An enterprise job is simply an assignment you are completing for one of our major clients. More jobs near you, means more money in your pocket. 

How much do I get paid? Since our enterprise clients order photos more frequently, the prices to complete an enterprise job can be anywhere from $1 to over $20. The good news is there is no limit on how much more you can make on one assignment. 

How long do I have to complete the assignment before it expires? The time to complete an assignment will be the same as every other assignment, two hours. 

Do I have to sign up to complete enterprise jobs? Nope, as soon as you download the app you will receive notifications of assignments near you, both standard and enterprise jobs.