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How much does it cost?

Each photo is at a cost of $5.  If you order two(2) photos then it will be a total of $10.


How much do I get paid for taking photos?

ProxyPics offers two different types of jobs as we have different clients. With our standard clients you are paid $3.25 per photo. We also have questionnaires that can be ordered along with photos that offer higher payouts. Our enterprise clients offer thousands of jobs near you, these are offered at alternative pricing depending on your location.


How long do I have to complete an assignment?

Three hours on every assignment. After three hours the assignment will expire, you will no longer be able to complete and it will go the next user.


Where is my payment?

ProxyPics placed new security measures regarding payment. Payment can be in a pending status for a few business days before it reaches the payout status. Depending on your bank, payment can take anywhere from 1-10 business days. If you have not received payment after 10 business days please reach out to us at


Where is my confirmation link?

If you created an account and have not received a confirmation link please enter your email address after using this link, and you should receive it within a few minutes.


What if I accept an assignment but can no longer complete it?

We understand something can suddenly come up. If you accept an assignment and can no longer complete within six hours simply click on the three dots on the top right corner and click ‘Leave Assignment.’


Why did I get a request at night when the request says no night time photos?

Sometimes the first user that accepts the assignment cannot complete it in the three hour allotted time. When the job expires for them it goes back out to the queue for another user to accept. This means the assignment may go out again during sun down. We ask users to refrain from accepting these orders as it cannot be completed within the three hour time frame as it is dark out. We are working on rolling out a new feature that can avoid this, please be patient with us. 


Where can I see examples of photos that are being taken?

Follow the link to our Enterprise Jobs to view angles, acceptable photos, and what not to do.


Can I switch my profile after I register?

Yes when you go to Settings, you can change your user type to Take photos or Request photos at any time.


What can I request photos of?

You can request photos of anything that you can pin drop on a map.  i.e. house, beach, street sign, etc…


If I need to order a bulk amount of photos what can I do? 

We have an API and excel bulk upload feature. Please contact us at and we can help.


Can you request interior photos?

Not yet but we are working on it. 


Who can I email with a question?

Our team is available at and would be happy to help with any questions you may have!