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How much does it cost?

Each photo is at a cost of $5.  If you order two(2) photos then it will be a total of $10.


How much do I get paid for taking photos?

ProxyPics offers two different types of jobs as we have different clients. With our standard clients you are paid $3.25 per photo. Our enterprise clients offer thousands of jobs near you, these are offered at alternative pricing depending on your location.


Can I switch my profile after I register?

Yes when you go to Settings, you can change your user type to Take photos or Request photos at any time.


What can I request photos of?

You can request photos of anything that you can pin drop on a map.  i.e. house, beach, street sign, etc…


If I need to order a bulk amount of photos what can I do? 

We have an API and excel bulk upload feature. Please contact us at and we can help.


Can you request interior photos?

Not yet but we are working on it.